World Views

March 10 - May 10, 2022



The World View series came about after finding a discarded set of 1967 World Book Encyclopedias. I am drawn to the strange printing color of photographic images from that era, and that my childhood included learning through a false sense of color. I cut out shapes from the landscape photographs, and sometimes from my own nature photographs. I then arrange a photomontage into one solid form. The accumulations depend upon painting concerns for balance of light/dark, color, forms, space. I then make paintings based upon the montages. I do not strive for photorealism, but rather a painterly interpretation of images. I enjoy the option of determining how specific a fragment may be. The resulting form is a totemic symbol of my vision. Having a long association with poetry, I consider the World View accumulations similar to list poems. They make reference to a number of seemingly unrelated images in order to conjure one concept. In my case, one form. The form is a solid structure, representing an illusory sense of place, as I question the future of nature. I call this concern eco-symbolism. Drawing upon a combination of early symbolism and more recent ecopoetics. Historically, a common theme is my work is the reorganization of landscape space. (I have a painting from 1987 entitled Ecological Imbalance!) I have utilized multiple horizons, fragmented elements of light, time and space, often in more abstract manifestations than this particular series.




Sheila Lanham was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She started out as a poet, and later studied art, concentrating on painting. Her studio and home are located in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC.