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Maybe you need a press release for an upcoming

exhibition, or some text to accompany images on

a new website? Maybe you are publishing a catalogue,

or need help organizing press materials? You've come to

the right place. If I could be known for anything in my past

life besides an active curator, it was as someone whose

writing skills were put at their best use when I was writing

about art and artists.



Another dimension of my active services are promotions,

which can range from scheduled social media strategies,

targeted email blasts, or private email and phone 

correspondence. I am an able and expressive communicator

who will devote himself to communicating your creative vision,

formal rigor, and professional ambitions to the right people.


With two decades of independent curating under my belt and

a dozen more years working in galleries, as well as running my

openings and events newsletter, I have made longstanding

connections with many venues and persons of influence in the

professional art world. Hire me to communicate

with them for you.

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